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Michael's Journal

14th August, 2005. 4:29 pm. Fun

Well, I'm been talking to alot of girls online and basically just fueling the fire of my ballbusting fetish. I've had some promises and things like that, girls who would really just love too but are too far away to get to try. But last night I managed to find one to kick me. I went to one girls birthday party and she got really wasted. She wasn't too far from level when I got there but after that she was out of it. I still have her b-day present for that reason. She went on bar hopping with her friends and I left them to go hang with my other two friends and I met Alicia for the first time and got her lil gorgeous butt to kick me 3 times in her super sexy platform high heeled boots!! I had such a good time. I found out I'm still as tough as ever when it comes to ballbusting, I'm still as turned on as ever too. Not to mention Alicia is gorgeous with and insane body. I got her friend Janeen to do it too but just in tenni's. I've still gotta give Jaymie her birthday present so I still have a chance there too. I'm happy to finally be having alittle fun and excitement in Georgia for a change.

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16th April, 2005. 9:50 pm. Happy Day to Me!

Not much to say, just thought I'd post cause its my old day. I don't really like my birthday much. No matter what plans I make for today they always fall though, for one reason or another. By religious teachings my family never really celebrated birthdays and I've never been popular or wanted to be popular so I hardly ever have friends who know my birthday. Its kinda funny, the extent of my greatings this year are two e-mails, one from EA Sports and one from Dead End Society. Funny how isolated I always am from all the people I love on my birthday. I guess I isolate myself most of the time cause I like being alone. I just notice it on special days when I wish I had a few people to care. Oh well, that's the price of being a loner I suppose. Nobody there when you don't want em, and nobody there when you do.

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10th April, 2005. 2:09 am. I stole this for myself, Muhuhahahaha!

LJ Battle Royale! by monmonito
Weapon you got:Hammer
Your goal in the game:To destress.
Number of students killed:88
For fun, you kill:bettygirl
Out of a personal vendetta, you kill:prurient_seras
Accidentally, you kill:daddys_pwincess
You have an alliance with:yiming
You develop a puppy-love romance with:yuriko
Watch out for:friskerbizkit
Percentage of survival possibility:: 79%
Dying words:"Like, oh-mi-gawd."
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10th April, 2005. 1:40 am. Why am I thinking about it.

I don't really have anything to say I suppose, just posting for the sake of posting. I guess I'm doing alright financially. I'm not rich and I don't have my dream car but I do alot of what I want as far as trips these last couple years and the car I have is really good. I don't much in the way of friends, I think I can really say I have about 3 friends right now that I talk to regularly and truely consider to be my friends. But I love them dearly and wouldn't trade them for anything. I suppose in recent times I've really gotten into a habit of feeling sorry for myself. I've really been sheltered by my religion my entire life. I haven't done anything illegal or tried anything until I was 25. And even at that the worst thing I've done my whole life is smoke weed. I've also obeyed my religion in staying a virgin till marriage. Or at least I intend to. Course with the way my relationships have gone I may give myself too much credit, I don't seem to have much of a choice in that regard since I seem to weird all the girls out with my pervertion anyway. Being patient is really hard when you don't see the end coming. Sometimes I think I should straighten up and be normal but I have no clue how to act normal if I wanted too. I could have more friends and better success with girls if I wasn't so honest. I can actually be very charming if I cover my faults and only play my strengths but I never do that cause I don't see the point in having a relationship I won by lying. On paper it sounds noble I think but at times like now I feel like I'm going to die alone. I've come so close to being killed and it just makes me think if I'm missing out by restricting myself so much.

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21st March, 2005. 12:01 am. Good weekend

This was so fun, the ALMS cars are so fast in real life. I mean I know the cars are doing about 170 at the end of these straights but standing next to it is just astonshing. And how loud they are and how hard they take turns, how fast they can stop its really just insane to see in person. I need to keep up with my patends and make a few more inventions, play the lottery and invest in the stock market cause my 9 to 5 won't get me one of those. I had so much fun, I walked like twice as much as I did at the Megacon. I'm gonna go and white later I'm so tired. I have been inspired on a new design for my TA though. After seeing a real one up close I know alot more about the form from function of the cars. The only thing was that the Vettes didn't win, a Porsche wrecked and took them out. I went to the Corvette pits later and saw all the rims from earlier in the race. I picked one up and it weighed about as much as a desk lamp, it was so cool. The rims to this car were lighter than the digital camera I was holding and I mean like they were less than half of my camera too. Oh well, it was fun. Night all, take care

Current mood: sleepy.

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18th March, 2005. 4:39 pm. Gone Racing

Just thought I'd post again before I took off. I've got a small choice to make. If I take my dad's Maxima I can sleep in it or if I take my car I can be seen in it. I don't plan to cruise much but I don't plan to sleep much either. Like go outside and play rock paper scissors or something. Oh well, I'm off if ya got my cell gimme a ring and I'll tell ya what I chose. Later all, be back to brag.

Current mood: calm.

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17th March, 2005. 10:39 pm. Cause I'm hiiiiiggh!

What's up yall. Its St. Patricks Day and I'm fucked up!! That's right, screw the beer weed is green all year long! Ah well, I don't drink and weed makes ya forget things. I've got a few things I wanna forget just at the moment. I like being high better than being drunk anyway, plus no hangover in the morning being lit is great. Soon as I get off work tomorrow I'm heading down to Sebring. I guess I can't complain too much. I do still have the money to go on my trips even though I save just enough to go on each trip. And I have just a handful of really good friends that love me, which is more than alot of people can say. Danm, I was happy when I started talking! Not a good idea to think high I guess, I gonna go to Sonic come back and take a bath then finish drawing this pic for kitty. Later all

Current mood: high.

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13th March, 2005. 6:53 pm. I poor but I'm happy.

I've seen the last few trailers of race teams on the highways. All the players are down in Sebring tuning there cars, I should have taken Friday off to spend the extra day down there. On a lighter note I'm at 48% complete in Gran Turismo 4. I'm gonna have all my fun in these two weekends then its time to be serious. I hate having money problems, I wish one of my patends would sell or something. Now I've either got to move to a mobile home or go back to KC. At least I still have my 350Z either way.

Current mood: happy.

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9th March, 2005. 8:15 pm. Waiting for speed

I hate waiting, seems like all I'm ever doing is waiting on something. I've got one week left till my event is Sebring. That's going to be so nice. How could anyone not want to spend 12 hours sitting outside at a race track watching super loud cars drive around in a big circle. After my trip to Megacon I only have $400 for this trip but I suppose that's enough, I'll just get some Corvette stuff anyway. Oh well, I guess I'll draw some anime with cars in it and put em in my myspace group. That's always fun. Oh well, later!

Current mood: weird.

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8th March, 2005. 11:51 pm. Toon Tunes!

For some stupid reason I keep thinking about cartoon theme songs. Not recent ones either, stuff I haven't heard for a long time. I think I can remember the theme songs to cartoons I haven't seen since I was a little kid. Muppet Babies, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Pole Position, The Getalong Gang, Mashall Bravestar, Wheeled Warriors, Heros on Hot Wheels, Kid Video I couldn't tell you the last time I saw any of those but most were in the 80's. And then there are others I just remember but can't quite recall the music, Beverly Hills Teens, Turbo Teen, Cowboys of Moo Mesa, Mask all those years of waking up early on Saturday mornings have finally taken there toll. I've cracked and old cartoons leaked out!

Current mood: amused.

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